Friday, July 25, 2014

How Hot Are Swedish Women / are Swedes the Best Looking People on Earth?

So, a question that I get alllll the time is, "Rich, you travel sooo much! What place has the best looking women?"
"Dude," I answer, (does it come as a surprise it's always guys who asks?) "Los Angeles all the way. All these pretty girls come here to break into show business. It's like a magnet, plus with phenomenal weather people don't want to hide their bodies under tons of clothing and stay in shape. Nowhere can really compete with that set of variables."

And ... then I went to Sweden.
There's a Seinfeld episode where Kramer excitedly describes a woman he met as, "Swwwwweeeddeeeeen!! Sweden Jerry!"
Let me say I concur.

semi-typical Swedish girl

First of all, the Swedes are generally tall, often with brilliant Scandinavian blue eyes (a deep blue with almost a touch of purple, a genetic feature native to the region) blond/ light haired, and they exercise quite a bit.
While they do drink, they smoke less than the rest of Northern Europe, and rarely overeat. The few chubby people I saw in the country I just assumed were American tourists.

And it's not just a few super hot ones (and that exists in LA as well), I'd have to say on the whole the average is much higher than anywhere else I have been.

The sentiment is generally echoed throughout Scandinavia. In Olso, Norway, there were numerous pretty girls as well. I was told many of them were Swedish.
My friend Ulfar, a 6' 7" basketball player, argued it's even better in his home country of Iceland. From my experience there, I disagree, as even if they have similar Nordic genetics, Icelandic girls simply don't take care of themselves as well. The same holds true for Denmark where they smoke and drink to excess, and often look older than their actual age.

Walk around the center of Stockholm and you're certain to discover your body will keep moving forward while your head rotates back to track the stunner you've just passed. It's a documented medical fact that doctors here treat more cases of whiplash than anywhere else in the world.


  1. 1.Sweden
    2. Norway and Denmark.
    3. Baltic countries and Poland.
    4. Russia and Ukraine.
    rest is a waste of time...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I see it right there, you voted Croatia above. Still there my friend

  3. Whats the name of the girl in the 1st picture?

  4. Hi Richard!
    First of all a very good blog!
    Just two questions to you: 1) Can you confirm that Sweden has higher proportion of best looking woman than Iceland, Norway, Netherlands and Poland? If yes, please write which country is the second after Sweden in terms of how women dress? If not, please write which of these 4 countries are better than Sweden in these terms? 2) Have you ever been to Latvia and Estonia? How do you think, proportion of best looking women is higher in these 2 countries than in Sweden? Thank you very much, Sir! Hope hear from you soon!

    1. Sweden, then Netherlands are best. I have not been to either Estonia or Latvia. Cheers mate.

  5. Someone please tell me the name of the girl in the 3rd picture that is laying down

  6. You do know to come to such a conculsion you would have to see atleast 51% of the woman living there, right? You don't just walk down the main street and make such a statement man. And yes, Crotia, Serbia damn even Albania has a tremendous ammounts of beutiful woman, and i've been living here for 30 years, so, yeah, take my word for it.

    1. Well, statistically you can gain an appreciation from a much smaller sample size.
      How do you like living in Croatia? Are you from the states?


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