Thursday, April 14, 2016

Videos of the Amazon Rainforest- Fauna, Danger + Parrots Speaking Spanish

For more details + videos on the Amazon Jungle in Peru
huge trees and vines of the Amazon

video: The Cinchona Tree- nature's cure for malaria

            videoFauna + Insect life in the Peruvian Amazon (Tombopata Reserve) 5+ minutes but super interesting

the base of the huge, hard wood, iron tree

                                                videoCrossing a very tenuous Log Bridge in the Amazon Jungle

And finally a fun one, whoever uses the term "bird brain" in a derogatory manner has never met Polly, who speaks fluent Spanish. Watch him hollering "Hola" hello, a few times below :)

Video: Polly the parrot speaks fluent Spanish! "Hola"