Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rip Tide- Surfing off Phuket, (Patong Beach)


Phuket, a gorgeous island off the coast of Thailand. I had never stayed in the Patong Beach area, and in retrospect I wish I had gone to back to Krabi, which is one of the most stunning place on the planet, but lacking in waves, and after my success surfing the Balinese waters I thought Phuket would be a breeze.
Of course what I didn’t realize is that the waves are bigger off Phuket, and a lot less predictable. Frankly, I found myself to be unprepared for the “medium time,” the first day I had problems making it out past the break.
falling off the board
I woke early the next morning, with a sense of sheer determination, and paddled so hard during a minor lull in the waves, that yes, indeed I did “beat the break.”
Resting on my board I took a deep relaxing breath, knowing that I could afford to wait for the perfect wave. I paddled back in a few feet, and quickly realized that the distance to shore was actually greater than it was before. I rested on my board for a few valuable seconds, like an idiot needing confirmation that the guy with the knife and a crazed look on his face is in fact rapidly approaching him. Sure enough, I was getting mugged by a rip tide. If I did nada, I’d be sucked out to sea.
I paddled as hard as I could, and after maybe ten minutes, made it back to shore. Learning new things ain’t without its risks. I reported the rip tide to the Thai police, but they just laughed and did nothing. Typical.
I do however believe my Thai surf adventure to a success … if you define success as “not being eaten by a shark.”
If you haven’t been, I highly recommend you travel to Thailand. It’s cheap, a lot of fun, and if you go to the right places (Krabi) beautiful beyond belief. Peace.

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