Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I am Voting for Barrack Obama

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important update: Your favorite Travel Genius has decided to vote for Barrack Obama.

Though I normally lean slightly to the left, this decision hasn't been easy for me. Here are the factors involved

Pro for Romney: He's in favor of global warming, and yours truly likes warm weather.

Con: He flip-flops on so many issues you could wear him to beach.
In Massachusetts he was pro choice and gun control. Now in order to earn his party's nomination, he has magically changed his mind on both. I don't trust him. 

Clinching Con: During the second debate, Romney said that all dividends and interest up to 250k should be untaxable.
That's great for me, but fundamentally unfair to a person working their ass off as a teacher or construction worker to feed their family. Who is creating more benefit for society? The teacher, or some wealthy person living off interest payments?
Romney's plan is fundamentally unfair, and even though it goes against my well being to vote against him, I believe society is stronger and more stable when the playing field is level, when we reward those who produce benefit for society, not lazy asses who can sit back and live off accumulated wealth.

That said, I think there has to be the right balance between taxation, and an incentive to create businesses and thus new jobs, In California for example, businesses are taxed to death.

There are things I believe Obama has done well- getting us back into good graces with the rest of the world post George Bush, opening up belief in the impossible (who would have thought the US would ever elect a black president,) the fact that we haven't had a large terrorist attack in America despite dire warnings from Republicans trying to scare people that this would happen if we elected a "soft" Democrat.
In general, I respect Romney, and don't think him a horrible individual as so many lefties would have you believe. The decision wasn't easy for me, but Romney's stance on taxation was the clincher, as it simply struck me as unfair and not the direction I want America to travel down.
We'll get back on track with our travels adventures shortly. Hope you have enjoyed this commercial time out.