Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's in My Emergency Medical Kit when I Travel?

A friend of mine asked me for some advice, as to what he should bring with him to take care of himself medically during adventurous travel. Here's what I responded.

My medical emergency kit includes the following- a box of condoms, 3 ounces of cologne, 3 ounces of dandruff shampoo, a couple band-aids, and some neo-sporin.
Neo-sporin in case of a cut deep in the jungle, medicated band-aids to cover the wound. 3 ounces of Dandruff shampoo (3 oz. can be brought on plane) which also doubles as soap when needed. The cologne for 2 purposes, one, an emergency disinfectant as cologne is alcohol based, two, an emergency odor diffuser (in the French sense) in case the box of condoms might need be opened. Never travel unprepared.