Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Women In Iceland?

Pretty Icelandic Women?

Q: I hear the women in Iceland are the most beautiful girls on earth? Is this true?
A: Honestly, while without a doubt there are some beautiful girls here, the overall breakdown I witnessed is not all that different than other places. I still maintain the best looking girls in the world inhabit Los Angeles as the entertainment industry brings them there like a magnet.

Q:Are girls in Iceland easy? I mean, I hear they are really slutty?
A:They are more aggressive than American women, and if they like you, will come up and introduce themselves. It happened to me twice at clubs, not that much, but it’s nice. The reputation that Icelandic women are easy generally holds true according to many of the Icelandic men I spoke with. Icelandic women are proud of their liberation as well.

Miss Universe- Icelandic Beauty

Q: What are the girls like outside Reykjavik?
A: Iceland is nearly a 100% homogeneous population, often interrelated from years ago. I don’t imagine the girls outside Reykjavik are any different, but the population is so small, you are better off hanging out in the capital city.

That's the general scoop as I see it/ experienced it. That said, a short stint in Iceland might be fun, and you can experience for yourself.

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