Monday, September 22, 2014

Oslo, Norway- Immaculate and Stunning Beauty + the search for Lap Land

 "Your bus leaves in one minute," matter of factly drones the woman working Oslo's airport information center. I grab my bags, juggling them like water balloons filled with electronics I pray not drop, race outside and board with only seconds to spare. I perk up, a self satisfied smile spreading across my face; until the driver let's me know how much I owe him-
"$35?! Are you driving me to Lap Land?" (note- contrary to your assumption, "Lap Land" is Not a strip-club! Though it would make an excellent name for one ...)
I fork over the money and stew for the next 60km, wondering how long I can afford (literally) to spend in the world's most expensive country.
I'm dropped off at the very edge of town, the last stop. Greenery surrounds me. An adjacent mall and a few condo/apartment units all that exist here. Make a wrong turn, and you'll end up in the forest.

"Rolf Cola"- Norway= expensive!

The reddest moon I have seen, the photo takes away color sadly ..
maybe it was the sun, given how much light there is at 3 AM
The train takes a half hour to get back downtown. The locals are enjoying this rare warm Scandinavian summer day, I'm wowed by Oslo's architecture, its immaculate gardens, public parks, and cleanliness.
Pale Norweigen women sunbathing

I traverse the streets for hours, with little human interaction, admiring the city and taking in the atmosphere, doing all I can to avoid reaching into my pocket.
I'll stay quiet for the rest of this post, let you get a feel for Oslo via the photos and video. In the meantime, I'll be looking for Lap Land.

video of the immaculately kept ground in Oslo's city center

downtown Oslo is Lovely! The Grand Hotel 

video of the architecture surrounding the Grand Hotel 
interior of the "Grand Hotel"- Scandinavians use their words literally

Pan, I believe? One of the numerous statues in central Oslo

Norway's national theater

Beautifully maintained gardens by gorgeous buildings

Welcome to my garden
Note the bemused look of the guard at the Royal Palace as he silently poses with Scandinavian children.

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