Monday, May 28, 2012

Sweet Creek Falls, Oregon- The Rainforest of the Pacific Northwest

Parts of the West Coast of Oregon, get so much rain, they are considered "rainforests," defined as a forested area that gets over 80 inches of rain a year. 
This hike of Sweet Creek Falls was undertaken in January, during the winter, and the green barked trees, in fact covered with moss were stunning. 
Though this are is closest to Eugene, about 60 miles away, if you are in the vicinity, well. the pictures speak for themselves!  

Video: Sweet Creek Falls Trail- Gorgeous

The massive trunk of an ancient tree

gorgeous colors

Sweet Creek Falls

So mossy! So much water

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  1. USA is a wonderful country. We have already made some trips there and I always felt right at home.
    I do not know this area yet, but your report makes you want to drive right away.


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