Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hiking The Santa Monica Mountains- Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles isn't all concrete jungle and Hollywood. About an hour outside of West LA, in the Malibu area, are the highest peaks of the Santa Monica Mountains. The trail we took is the "Solstice Trail" (Take Yerba Buena Road way up the hill from the Pacific Coast Highway if you are interested.) 
I went on this hike at the end of May, before the summer heat wilted the flowers, and browned the vegetation. 
The amazing rock formations with the Pacific Ocean acting as a backdrop, made for spectacular vistas, and allowed my mind to relax into a meditative state, as I gazed at nature's beauty.

Bee pollinating cactus flower

okay, it's not Mount Everest


poison oak- do avoid!

Awesome rock formation and photo!

So, if you are going to visit the Los Angeles area, and you like being in nature, do consider venturing out for hike in through the mountains. 

PS- thanks to my friend Annelize for the first few pics! We were both on photo duty, and she's a wonderful photographer. 


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