Saturday, August 20, 2016

Santorini, Greece- 24 Hours Max of Life Along the Caldera

Some 3,600 years a volcanic eruption sent a good chunk of land falling into the Aegean Sea. What is left are a couple small uninhabited islands and the island of Santorini, which today boasts a population of 16,000 people, who are there largely to serve the tourists who have been duped into thinking that it's worth the journey to see the Caldera, which is, granted a beautiful, sheer stretch of cliff where "The lost city of Atlantis," (more marketing) dropped off into the sea forever. 
clear waters close to the Santorini Coast

While the Caldera is an impressive stretch of coast line, the rest of the island has little to offer besides  high prices. Having travelled to enough places to judge, I would recommending skipping Santorini altogether, or, if you really have been hypnotized by the marketing and must go, limit your time to no more than 24 hours. Go, see the Caldera for a few hours, drink some locally created wine, and take off for greener pastures (literally, the island is arid) 

Nevertheless, below you'll find some nice photos of the Caldera I took in the short time I was there.
a view of the Caldera from Thira

the Caldera from the top of Thira
the Caldera from the top of Thira
Thira- built into the side of the Caldera
nice water of the Aegean Sea
probably my favorite shot


  1. I am not sure when & whether I will go to Epidavros in case of my anxiety about walking in Athens...

    1. I think you'll be okay walking around Athens, just a question of whether you want to :)


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