Tuesday, September 16, 2014

High Prices in Sweden- where the Sky is the limit

Ahhh, the old American favorite- McDonald's, where a weary traveler can stretch his dollar, where the worst father can be a momentary hero to his children, where the poor and stupid go to get fattened up ... Discount this completely in Sweden! Haha, I used the word discount, a word for which the Swedish language has no equivalent because such things simply do not exist. 
You'll see from the below menu the cheapest burger on the menu is 62 Swedish Kroner; yup, $10 for a burger at fast food joint! Still hungry? 
Burger King menu in Sweden 

Have a hot date? Want to take her somewhere decent where you'll have a chance to score? Check out the below video to see what that might run you.

I took a girl for tapas; a few slices of churrasco (literally), a couple of pieces of calamari, plus some veggies, and I'm talking about some seriously ungenerous portions, like it's the year 1491 and we're lost at sea and by captain's orders the cook is giving each sailor the thinnest shave of the salami. "Don't like it, go catch a seagull!"
And that total was over $50! No drinks, just water, which by the way is the only free item in Sweden and can be drank directly from the tap, pure and clean.

The grocery store: prices two to four times those in the United States.
A beer at a club- $10.
An HDMI cable At Amazon will run $8, in Sweden it's close to $100 (as passe as such an item is today.) Want something higher up the electronics ladder- the prices would make Bill Gates flinch
Want to use the public restroom? That'll be $1.50 thank you very much.
10 kroner to use the toilet- that's a buck and half

I'm having a hard time staying afloat financially. Wish I could leave, but I'm stuck here for another few days and I have to a date coming up, and we're both hungry. I don't think I have much of a choice, I'm taking her to McDonalds. A cup of water on the side please. 

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