Monday, September 22, 2014

Frogner Park, Oslo + Sexuality in Scandinavia

Frogner Park- 84 acres of public beauty in Oslo, Norway

In the middle of Oslo lies the most beautiful public park I have ever seen. It's massive size, immaculately kept grounds, small rivers bubbling through, and beautifully crafted statues make it a sight to behold.
a quick walk through Frogner Park

Gazing around at this beauty, available to all, no litter, no graffiti, the emerald green colors shining in the sun, I am filled with a deep sense of peace. I walk meditatively absorbing the magnificence of it all.
paths through the park

So lush! 
I note the statues throughout the park are nude-
beautifully crafted nude statues of Frogner Park

check out the gorgeous nude statues that reside throughout Frogner Park

it's enough to make one pull out their own hair
At the park's highest elevation grows the 14 meter tall Monolith. It's composed of 121 human figures rising towards the sky, meant to represent man’s desire to become closer with the spiritual and divine. It portrays a feeling of togetherness as the human figures embrace one another as they are carried toward salvation.
At least this is one explanation. One cannot help but notice the phallic shape, and the fact that all figures carved into the monument are nude.
The Monolith

The Monolith and surrounding statues

I stop and ask a couple Norweigens about the nudity, "Is this representative of a more relaxed attitude Scandinavians have towards sexuality than America?" I inquire.
"Well, it's definitely partly that. Without a doubt," they answer, "It's also the artist's (Gustav Vigeland) style."
I thank them with a smile, and meander slowly through the park, imagining how vociferously these stunning sculptures would be protested in America, as being "indecent" and "blasphemous," by the same puritanical factions who don't raise an eyebrow to the countless perpetrated murders on television,
As great as America is, there are still values that we'd be better off incorporating which exist in other societies, and as a guy, a more relaxed attitude towards sex, definitely one of them.
an ad in central Oslo, nudity far more accepted

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