Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bergen, Norway- the Gorgeous Pictorial

Norway's second biggest city, Bergen, sits on its Western Coast with a population of a mere 270,000, Nestled snugly between mountains on three sides, the ocean on the other, and its city center sitting on the fjord (an inlet where fresh and salt water mix.)
Here is a pictorial of the town for a quick glance. It's an absolutely lovely town, and when visiting Norway, worth taking a day or two to visit :) Enjoy!
the very pretty center of Bergen
Flags remind you what country you're in

Norway in the summer is lush and gorgeous

these houses run up the mountain about as far as they can before it gets too steep

Bergen is on a fjord, which is the actual center. The town merely surrounds it. 

Norway has forever been a mariners life. 

I stayed way way up the hill in this area, Norway has amazing nature


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