Monday, July 21, 2014

A Feel of Stockholm, Sweden- get a Taste

Massive and lush forests extend further than the eye can see.  As our plane approaches, Stockholm's buildings blend pleasingly with the green below.

Barkaby area, 20 kilometers from the city center. Hares the size of medium sized dogs hop away from me, a rare and momentary interruption of the stillness existing here. Residing in the Swedish suburbs is life on Valium.

The train to the center takes 25 minutes, the same distance in LA- double. Public transport here makes life very easy, and far cheaper than using heavily taxed automobiles.
in the middle of Stockholm
Comprised of numerous islands and waterways, Stockholm was founded where battling currents made further progress inland too difficult, forcing ships to stop and unload their goods, a city forming around the port.

fishing in the middle of Stockholm
Beautiful shot of Stockholm, probably around 10 PM- note the sky
The Swedes are ultra-proud of their clean waterways, pristine enough to allow its citizens to fish its canals, in the city center. Singapore might be the world's cleanest city, but Stockholm runs a close second, the difference being $500 fines for littering are unnecessary here. In Scandinavia there is an expectation to follow the rules of society. The Swedes walk in lock step with each other. March to a different beat, and scorn will be heaped.

The city is incredibly quiet by any standard. On this summer evening, few cars pass us as we traverse the streets; still, Swedes don't cross at a red, I find it absolutely mystifying. 

Reading aloud the sky-high prices would make even Martin Luther King Jr. stutter . A wage-flation exists, as unions have successfully gained unskilled workers salaries two to three times their US counterparts, the celebration is tempered by the fact that goods in Sweden rise by the same multiple. A simple HDMI  cable runs $30 to $100 depending on length. On Amazon, the longest is on sale for $7. Eventually you numb yourself into acceptance so you don't go crazy.
like most of Scandainavia, Stockholm is very bike oriented
Swedes- blond, tall, and beautiful as a whole. Doctors here commonly treat tourists with cases of whip lash.

Midsummer, darkness battles to overtake light, never completely successfully. As I doze off at 3 AM, it's seems like more of a daydream.

Stockholm at 2 AM- sunlight


  1. Glad you liked our Stockholm post..and the lynx! We went way up to the Arctic, and could not see a single moose. I was so glad we spent a day in Skansen Open Air Museum - got to see all the animals of the Arctic!
    I intend to write a post on the Skansen Open Air Museum as well ..and also loads of other museums in Stockholm!

    1. Sonia, I would be happy to read your next post. I'd also be very curious if you would write a blog on life in Pakistan. I think many people in the West would find that very interesting since not even I am willing to go travel there til things simmer down

  2. Stockholm is beautiful! We were there a few years ago and lived it!


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