Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Guatape, Colombia + The Majestic View from La Piedra

Guatape, a small town of 6,000 people two hours by bus outside Medellin. Situated on a massive lake dotted with numerous small islands and tiny peninsulas jutting out, the area is a place of calm and iconic beauty.
Local legend has it that "La Piedra," which translates into English as "The Rock," was placed here by alien beings, which makes me chuckle as I suggest to the native relating the story that Guatape's marketing department could come up with something more credible, something along the likes of Pablo Escobar (who owned a villa in the area) imported the massive rock/ mountain from Italy as an act of sheer amusement.
La Piedra- imported by Pablo Escobar from Italy, or brought by aliens?
The jury is still out

The town itself is quite charming, and laid back to the extreme. Even during high season a business staying open later than 7:30 PM is considered an outlier.
Fish is the most readily available cuisine, and given that Guatape sits on the lake and has several fish farms near, the math adds up. 
You'll find the residents of this pueblo friendly and kind.
on the lake
Men partaking in drink- note decorative wall

getting ready for a Christmas play?

note the decorative walls again
Guatape's church.
There is a Catholic church in every town in Colombia

hiking the area
view of La Piedra from the lake
But the main reason to come here is La Piedra. The iconic rock is essentially a cliff with most of its walls nearly at a 90 degree angle to the ground. In order to facilitate its climb, the town built a stair case into the rock. From her peak, the view is absolutely Stunning.
From here on I'll just shush and let you have a gander, and hope the photos and video (at the bottom of the page) open you to the area's breathtaking beauty. 
note the shadow of La Piedra

me near the top of La Piedra (long ways down)

the view at sunset- pretty awesome

check out the video of the town, La Piedra and the view

For more photos of La Piedra and info on Guatape check out a friend's trip there.


  1. Passing the green zone is prohibited ... But damn its a cool place ... Keep traveling Rich 😋

    1. Edwin buddy! Where Haven't you been man. I think you travel more than I do :) Keep on trekking man! Sending you love and happiness where ever you are.

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