Friday, June 3, 2016

Goodbye Bariloche - I Got a License to Drive!

It's my last night in Bariloche, and I get a message request from an unknown entity on Facebook. I accept: there is a photo of my driver's license! Hostage situation? 

"I found your document. still you find yourself in Bariloche?"

I can't believe it! A couple of days ago I lost it while climbing Mount Tronador, which is ... 120km away! Lost it on a path no one traverses at the start of winter. Lost it an area with high wind, and deep ravines, where it could have easily fallen, literally into the abyss. 
But it's been found! And now she is coming to return it! What a miracle! 
I literally sprint out of the house and down to the street when the text comes they are near. With no demand for money, they hand it over to a grateful man. (if nothing else I'm saved an excruciating trip to the DMV and $30)  

And so in the below video, I leave you some encouragement just to enjoy life, to travel, to "carpe diem" despite whatever risks there might be, the inconveniences, the potential to lose valuables ... the world is still a wonderful place. 
my encouragement to travel Now!

and a few more photos of Bariloche as I hit the road!

a view of the ravine below

lakes and mountains
an icy river at the bottom of the ravine- Patognia
an icy river at the bottom of the ravine
Mount Tronador through the red leaves
Mount Tronador through the red leaves
a waterfall falls off the cliff and the glacier of Tronador
a twisted stump in the forest
a few of my favorite photos. I really can't do Bariloche justice.  

bright red berries in the hills of Patagonia

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