Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Incan Ruins of the Sacred Valley + Andes Mountains- near Cusco

the nearest ruin- an Incan battle station overlooking the valley
walls of the Incan fortress
me and my driver, Elvis
Machu Picchu, while the most famous, is not the only ruin left from the Incan civilization. Up and outside Cusco are a plethora, including remnants of Incan technology, "steps" which helped increase agricultural yields all over the Sacred Valley.
As they're heavily traversed by tourists, you'll find many native Peruvians dotting the ruins, selling anything from fruit and Oreo cookies, to clothing, to photo ops- one of which is came with a funny moment when a llama decide to show her love for me by sneezing in my face.

hilarious video: friendly llama sneezes/ spits in my face as I pet her

sacred tree of the Incas
me and Llamita- watch video above
wild flowers around the ruins
standing guard
Incan irrigation technology
overlooking the city of Cusco- over 13,000 feet in elevation
climbing hills at this altitude leaves one short of breath
very excited to explore here

All in all the Sacred Valley, surrounded by the Andean mountains, is one of the most beautiful, still, and tranquil 
in the world. It's no wonder so many spiritual seekers are magnetized to this heavenly realm. 

Video: Highlights of the Ican ruins + the Sacred Valley

agriculture "steps" of the Sacred Valley
Andean Condor being rehabilitated at a zoological society in the Andes-
just LOOK at that wingspan. Most impressive bird in the world

toucan- possibly most beautiful bird in the world?
though macaw behind it might argue
overlooking the Sacred Valley
the Sacred Valley below
love this shot
admiring the steps and view
just a great shot of the valley below
rugged Andean terrain
the air tastes good here
an ancient road lies in ruins
just stellar scenery

video: the river which flows through the Sacred valley


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