Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Trail to Preikestolen- Spectacular Norwegian Nature

Priekestolen- the mythical preacher's chair/ pulpit rock, was described as a must see in Oslo. Following the must, I had taken the train to Bergen, then drove two days around windy roads, up and down mountains, and over the fjords by bridge and ferry.
At long last, we were ready to begin the two hour, often steep, hike to Preikestolen. Below are photos and videos of what you'll see on your way.

Norwegian nature is a site to behold. A vast country filled with forests and water. The stillness and serenity of it all is inspiring.  


love this photo of the fjord between the mountains

me by a small lake close to the summit

Click here to for photos and videos I took of Preikestolen itself- the pulpit rock

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