Saturday, October 11, 2014

Preikestolen- The Pulpit Rock- Heavenly View of Earth

We all travel for different reasons. Oftentimes it's to experience new things, try exotic foods, to expand our perspectives and enable us to see the world through the viewpoint of other cultures.
For me, it's to open and experience the "juice of life."
What do I mean by that? There are moments in our existence when we become completely present to an energy far greater than what our mind generally perceives. A moment where gratitude and love flow completely through you being. Each time I experience this state, it becomes easier and easier to get there again.
One of the frequent keys and conduits to this is the sheer indescribable beauty of nature.
Preikestolen unequivocally meets this criteria. It's one of the most majestic, dynamic places I have seen in my life, and will leave you positively breathless. Thoughts wash away as you take in its spectacular beauty.
The literal translation of "Preikestolen" is "the preachers chair," though it's more commonly referred to as "The Pulpit Rock." Why? It's such a heavenly view of earth, I feel as though I've been instantly transported there.
Below are photos and videos I took while there. Enjoy!

Preikestolen as you approach

The Preacher's Chair

A religious experience

A different of view from the Pulpit Rock

exquisite natural beauty

ain't getting no closer to the edge without a parachute

the fjord snakes away. That's over 2,000 feet straight down! 


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