Friday, October 24, 2014

Amazing Peterhof Palace- Russian Versailles in St. Petersburg,

There are certain places you'll see that are so beautiful and impressive that you're better off letting them speak for themselves. Peterhof Palace, often called "Russian Versailles," not far from the city of St. Petersburg, is such a place.
Originally built by Peter the Great in the early 1700's, each succeeding czar kept adding onto the palatial complex, today full of fountains, canals, and gardens.
Ravaged by German troops during the Second World War, thanks to the work of military engineers and over 1,000 volunteers, most of the Peterhof 's major structures had been fully restored by 1947. Interestingly, many of the valuables were buried on the grounds of Peterhof, and remained hidden from the Nazis, and were unearthed after the War.
Below you'll find photos and videos of the vast palace, gardens, and fountains which make up Peterhof.
The statues of Peterhof

canal behind me, decent distance to palace 

paths through a forested garden
The beautiful grounds, fountains and castle of Peterhof

Galina, Alice and myself

beautiful ornaments at Peterhof 
here you'll find fountains that seem to detect motion, and soak those trying to get through them

A palatial view of the fountains and gardens of Peterhof

Music plays to a crescendo as the Peterhof fountains shut down for the day

twas a fun day

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