Monday, August 4, 2014

Tivoli Amusement Park- Utterly Charming, Copenhagen's Only Must See

I walk to the park entrance, $20 to enter with no ride.
"Is it worth it?" I ask the ticket vendor behind the window.
"If I had never seen Tivoli I would certainly pay the entry fee to walk around."

I was not disappointed.
The inspiration for Disneyland, was created in 1843 when Tivoli's  founder successfully petitioned the Danish king (not Hamlet, he was dead) by arguing that, "when the people are amusing themselves, they do not think about politics." He was instantly granted 15 acres. 
You'd think that Iran would invest in better entertainment than veiled women and fiery Anti-Israeli speeches, instead of arresting people in the for dancing in the street to the song, "Happy." 

But back to Tivoli. It's absolutely impossible not to be enchanted with the place. It's cute, charming, beautiful, well kept, has a friendly joyous atmosphere, and is located right in the heart of Copenhagen. It truly was the only thing in Denmark I would describe as a "must visit," and just look at the photos and video below to get a feel of what you'll find there on a warm summer day,  

The beautiful Peacock Theater in Tivoli

Taj Mahal replica with a nicer garden area

flowers and water in Tivoli, hard to go wrong

A video tour of Tivoli! 

pretty colors + flowers

a large bumblebee gathering pollen

yeah, so pretty

Avast ye Matey!


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  2. this is the most wonderful place to visit, I just love this place. when in Denmark I go there, First thing.

    1. I loved it there Michael :) Very very pretty and charming.


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