Thursday, January 5, 2012

Singapore Zoo and Kim Kardashian Like Baboons + Night Safari Animals (Singapore Island)

One of the main attractions in Singapore is the zoo and the neighboring Night Safari.
Despite arriving and suffering a bit of sticker shock, as admission for the zoo and a companion ticket for the Night Safari was $42 Sing Dollars, there was still no way I wasn't going in, mainly because it had taken me over an hour just to get there.
And I have to say, I was very glad I didn't "cheap out."
free monkey at the entrance
This friendly monkey above greeted me near the entrance.
white tiger spotted!
white Bengal Tigers exploring
Tigers are my favorite animals. They are so beautiful, so majestic.
Of course they are in danger from disappearing from the wild (what's left of it) altogether, partly due to their beautiful fur coat prized by many of the world's idiots, and mainly cause the Chinese believe that eating tiger penis will give them sexual prowess, and pay big money for this organ.
I guess the Chinese government doesn't allow the sale of Viagra in the country, or are waiting until their crack cyber espionage division steals the molecular structure of the compound from Pfizer, so the Chinese government can reproduce it and profit off it. Til then, wild tigers are fair game for them.
Yeah yeah, I'm sure many of you out there are saying I'm being unfair and inaccurate, you're absolutely right; I have no doubt that the Chinese have already stolen the formula from Pfizer's computers.
pygmy hippo
They have a clear glass window, where you can see into the hippo's tank and see him dancing like a ballerina below the surface, almost skipping across the bottom.

Also, you can see in the below video baboons, apparently seeking the fame and fortune the Kim Kardashian way, created their very own sex tape.

--Fame seeking baboons agree to do live sex show--

cool photo of a lizard- a gecko?


--A tour of beautiful animals, from cute otters to majestic tigers--
wart hog

Below you will see a Komodo Dragon, one of the first successful dragon born in captivity! The zoo is proud to have created another poisonous lizard.
young komodo dragon

king cobra

python with a mouse in his mouth

sleeping leapord

-- Beautiful white tigers!--



zerbra muching
The rhinos, like any other large wild animals is critically endangered; poached for their horns, which are thought to cure cancer in, drum roll- China. The Asian rhinos are nearly wiped out, existing only on the island of Borneo and a few on the islands of Indonesia. The last rhino in Vietnam being shot and killed last year.
The others will be gone soon, don't worry.
A Note to Chinese 
Hey Chinese idiots, rhino horn is made of the same substance and proteins as human finger nails!! You morons! Stop paying your big $$ for the slaughter of wild creatures. God, let one of you read this. I understand YOUR fingernails prevent heart attacks, let me get my gun.
rhino coming at you
When several tons of this animal comes charging at you, you'd better be able to dodge!jack be nimble, Jack be quick ...
tropical fauna
The Night Safari
The night safari park opens after the zoo closes. Trams that take you through a very very dimly habitat where animals roam semi-freely (though not the tigers.)
Even knowing that the animal is there, and with the guide giving you it's approximate location, they are often difficult to spot. 
No flash photos are allowed, so obviously I don't have any pictures of this to show you, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 
If you are headed over to Singapore, the zoo is a must see! Enjoy. And if any of your friends believe rhino horn or tiger penis will cure their health problems, tell them to wait for me. As promised, I'll bring my gun.


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  2. I've been told a few times that the Singapore Zoo is one of the best. After looking at these pictures, I can see why. That must have been a bit of a rush when the Rhino came at you.


  3. Haha lucky you didn't give it a miss! To me (as a foreigner here), the zoo and the night safari are the top attractions in Singapore. They're highly recommended:-)


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