Sunday, January 22, 2012

Singapore Botanical Gardens + Orchid Sanctuary- beautiful

Singapore has carefully cultivated an image and nicknamed itself "The Garden City." Though more and more of the "garden" is being paved over to make way for shopping malls and tourist resorts, more of the island remains green, than say, Manhattan.
One destination that I consider a Must See if you are headed over to Singapore is the Botanical + Orchid Garden. It's one of the most beautiful, and tranquil places I have been, where you can see and read about much of the flora of South East Asia. 
It's free to get into, except for the orchid sanctuary which costs 5 Sing Dollars, making it a very cheap, and relaxing excursion.
Scroll through the following pictures and enjoy them, just make sure to go there if you wind up in Singapore!
Singapore Botanical gardens

petrified trees

beautiful orchids


orchids- what a photo :)

orchids of many colors
a little waterfall through the gardens

majestic orchid- i think- I just like this photo :)

crawling orchids

white orchids
ladies- this is what you call girth

 Look at the width of the tree trunk behind me! That's how you know it's an old tree! 
Christmas like leaves

yellow orchids
so nice
white orchids
orchid sanctuary

bright yellow floral display

orange orchidia- the colors of nature
majestic vegetation


  1. Haha! True that! Whenever someone mentions Singapore, I actually envision concrete. Heaps of it. So this Singapore Botanical Gardens + Orchid Sanctuary at least, semi-justifies their "The Garden City" peg.

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