Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Coming Home After 8 Months of Travel- Bury Me With ...

My travels lasted in excess of eight months. I got so used to hurriedly re-packing and moving onwards, I began to see most of my possessions as needless weight, obstacles to closing my suitcase.
I have been home in Los Angeles for a little over two days, and almost as an afterthought did I go to my storage locker. I looked around at everything I owned, and marveled that I would ever need so much. DVD’s, books, all available in digital form today, more clothes than I could ever remember, and kitchenware I have never used.
Of all the things that I owned not named “car,” the only item I remember hoping I’d be able to find during those eight months was the costume The Feared Pirate Richie wears while bestowing treasures he pillaged and plundered from exotic lands upon his Goddaughter.
The ancient Egyptians buried pharaoh with everything that he would need in the spirit world. When I die place me in the Great Pyramid with just my smart phone lying beside me. Technology makes even the afterlife easy.  


  1. Awesome blog man, read most of the asia posts, great stuff!

    1. Thank you so much Zeyhan! Such comments make the time writing this worth it :)
      Thank you!


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