Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dos Equis-- NEW Most Interesting Man In The World

I set out solo, leaving my tour early to make my Amsterdan bound plane. My driver Deutch, I am told is Hitler’s Grandson. In truth Deutch speaks German very well, and sits atop the Moroccan leader board for most money extracted from German tourists.
As we drive along, chatting about everything from music to politics, the sun sets, another day of the Ramadan fast completed. Deutch pulls over a few miles later and we eagerly consume a simple meal consisting of a few dates, a small piece of bread, some water, and a coffee.
He drops me off at the airport. The solo three + hour cab drive wasn’t cheap, but I am glad to have experienced the ride with Deutch, Hitler’s grandson or not.
I would highly recommend Morocco as a travel destination. There is a lot to see and do, the interpretation of Islam, which represents 90% of the country, is much more moderate than elsewhere, and as most Moroccans speak a minimum of three languages, communication and moving around is generally quite easy.
The country is not without its troubles. While a million light years ahead of the Russians, Moroccans are leagues behind the Fijians and Balinese in terms of warmth and customer service. It is easy enough to pinpoint this as a direct result of their frog infestation.
The ungrateful French, who rolled over on their tummies like submissive dogs for their master Adolf, remain amazingly snooty and unappreciative towards the “buffoons” of America, despite the fact that my Grandfather’s generation liberated them from Nazi rule. France, has long tentacles in Morocco.
Even more sad, many of this country's citizens speak French.

I want to thank our guide Hamid Mernissi, who came specially from his residence in America to guide our group through his home country. His knowledge, natural warmth, and his connections throughout the country made the trip, and even some of the interminable bus rides, special. (see his tour site at
The man was knighted by the nation of Morocco for his contribution in keeping alive many elements of its ancient culture. The King actually had to insist on Hamid’s presence due to my man playing hooky during the first ceremony, not wanting the pomp and circumstance of it all.
He is truly one of the most learned and humble men I have ever met, and Dos Exxis new “Most Interesting Man In The World.” (see below video)

Discussion questions about Morocco
1) Jewish person meets an actual descendant of Hitler. How many free punches does the Jew get? Explain.
2) If you were babysitting your 9 year old Goddaughter Dannika, and part of your duties consisted of dropping her off at her pre-paid weekly French class, how many baby-sitting bonus points would you receive for taking her bowling instead? Why?
3) If you are at Magic Mountain with Dannika, and she refuses to get on mega rollercoaster Goliath with you because she is positively frightened of its size and speed, and you remark to her with some sarcasm, “You’re shaking like a French soldier.” Why would it be absolutely incorrect for her Mother to call the child authorities? I mean, really!

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