Saturday, July 8, 2017

Exhilarating Flight of the Gibbon- the #1 Recommendation of Thailand

a small waterfall in the Thai jungle
There are certain moments in life that we remember with fondness forever. Near the northern Thai town of Chiang Mai is a one of the world's longest ziplines, Flight of the Gibbon.
The natural beauty of old growth forest viewed from high above the ground combined with the exhilaration as you speed, almost flying above the canopy, has the necessary ingredients to create such a memory. 

check out the below video to see why it might be so memorable for you.
Video: Flight of the Gibbon

a zip line sprung between trees in the jungle
By participating, you are helping to preserve the nature surrounding, as the locals profit from keeping the rainforest in tact. To boot you will likely be able to see wild gibbons frolicking in the trees which comprise their territory.
mist coming up from the jungle
zip-lining from tree to tall tree
I cannot recommend this zip line enough. If I could tell you to do just one thing in all of Thailand, Flight of the Gibbon would be it!
the misty forest
the jungle
The waterfall below you can go to after you finish zip-lining. Enjoy your time in the gorgeous greenery.
waterfall at the end of the tour
waterfall of the Thai jungle


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  3. Now that so many spots in Northern Thailand have become commercialised by tourism how does one get to see the real side to this country? Well there are still opportunities that exist for this kind of experience, a little bit of time and research can help you get off the tourist trail As a rule of thumb, the further away you venture from developed areas the more likely you are to find natural and authentic areas that remain true to Thai culture and way of life


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