Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Cherry Blossom is in Full Bloom- Stunning photos of Japanese Sakura

Each year the sakura (cherry blossom) is celebrated in Japan, a tradition dating back thousands of years, signaling the beginning of spring, a time of renewal and optimism. Their short lived bloom, representative of the fleeting beauty of life.

cherry blossom in full bloom
Groups of people gather round the budding trees to eat, drink, and socialize with another, an occasion known as "hanami." In a culture where interaction is generally stilted, especially amongst those unfamiliar, the sakura acts as a bridge of engagement.
Yes, and when they are they are stunning

To stand in the midst of sakura; one's mind disappears into the gaps of thought as focus shifts to the delicate beauty around you. 
An electric feeling of awe might infuse your heart and spirit from this meditative experience. 
cherry trees in Kyoto with temples in the background
If you seek a moment's inspiration, might I suggest visiting Japan in early April- the season of the Sakura.
it's early spring, and other trees are barren- which makes the bright pink stand out
cherry blossoms at night lit up in Kyoto
Philosopher's path in Kyoto
colors which help counter the grey skies on Kyoto streets
the beauty of cherry blossoms up close
cherry trees on the river bank at the base of the mountains surrounding Kyoto

Video: cherry blossoms in Nara Park
beautiful girl under weeping cherry blossoms
The sakura has special significance for me as it is amidst them, the branches from the tree inches above our boat, that I asked this beautiful girl to marry me. The answer was yes. It's easy to get inspired.
Most canals in Kyoto have blooming cherry trees at the start of April
a cherry tree weeps over Japanese graves
a stellar tree in a Kyoto park
my pretty girl whom I love so much
brilliant colors of Japan in the early spring

a weeping cherry tree in full bloom over a rock garden
pink cotton candy under a blooming cherry

Also, check out the South Korean version of Sakura season at my friend Mike's blog. 

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