Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Gorgeous Waterfall of Thailand- Erawan National Park

Gorgeous Erawan Falls
one of 7 levels of Erawan Falls

There is a vast dichotomy between the loud, sprawling, and often ugly cities of Asia and the quiet, beautiful nature which still surrounds them. Only a few hours away from Thailand's sprawling capital lies Erawan National Park, home to a 7 level waterfall. 
It's a meditative experience watching the light blue water cascading down the mountains, cleverly changing its course as the jungle's obstacles present. 

the fish doctors will nibble at your feet

Dip your feet into the pools and have the "doctor" fish nibbling upon them within seconds. Instinctually you pull your feet away, squeamish like a child. Moments later you place them back in a water on a dare, and see how long you last with the jungle "sharks" having at your feet.
Walk up the mountain to the various levels of the falls, cooling off in the pools forming below them, showering under their flowing heavy deluge if you dare. 
Video: Highlights of Gorgeous Erawan Waterfall all 7 Levels - national park Thailand
Gorgeous Erawan Falls
Large pool on level 1 of the falls
Gorgeous Erawan Falls
standing behind the falling water
it's a rainforest, but the surrounding area was not super wet when we were there
seated upon a jungle vine
so beautiful
the Erawan Jungle
the Erawan Jungle surrounding a level of the falls
the Erawan Jungle, Thailand
it's so beautiful
the Erawan Jungle
the light blue of the jungle
Ellie does yoga on a log above the water
the Erawan Jungle
all the Tarzan vines you can swing on around the falls
Erawan National Park- just gorgeous

Thai wooden elephant near the park entrance waves us goodbye

Seriously, if you're a nature love, Erawan Falls + National Park is a Must See.  

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  1. The Wachirathan Waterfall is one of the three main waterfalls in the Doi Inthanon National Park. It is a multi-level fall with a total drop of around 80 metres. Wachirathan Waterfall is located on Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s tallest mountain, and for that reason is a fairly well visited attraction.


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