Monday, September 19, 2016

The Matterhorn + Zermatt- Hiking in the High Alps of Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland

Located on the Italian border, (the Matterhorn is a shared border with Italy) I arrive in this small town nestled between some of the Europe's tallest peaks. This includes the pyramid, almost bent backwards peak of the Matterhorn which is the area's main attraction. 
Zermatt itself is a ski resort town, and extremely expensive with limited lodgings and high demand due to the natural beauty of the area. 
the Matterhorn
the best shot I have the Matterhorn- an unusually clear day it was I tells ya! 
Looking to save, I don't know, a few thousand bucks, I book an AirBnb "just" outside of Zermatt. Yes, technically it is less than 2 miles away, but unfortunately, I didn't take into account the mountains. I literally had to carry my gear after a long train ride up an incredibly steep trail. 
But honestly I don't mind. It is so quiet and peaceful up there, a kind of upscale of upscale hostel where I have a private room for $90 a night or so. 
The nature surrounding is magnificent. While not quite as astounding as Barriloche Argentina, with her huge bodies of water, if you enjoy nature, this is an absolutely exquisite place to be. I am only here for two days due to my pricey Swiss Rail Pass expiring and wanting to get to Italy, but in retrospect, I wish I had stayed longer. 
Below you find some photos and videos of this amazing area of the world. 

Video: Why you Absolutely MUST Visit Zermatt, Switzerland

there are a few very small (less than 100 residents) in the mountains around Zermatt

the trail with wildflowers around the 5 Lakes
the trail with wildflowers around the 5 Lakes

Video: hiking the 5 Lakes trail around the Matterhorn
the rugged mountains- would look better in snow I am sure
the Swiss Alps
sitting by the lake on a warm Swiss afternoon
the blue lake (of the 5 lakes)

Video: the Matterhorn from different angle
a beautiful blue flower in the summer
an alpine stream running down the mountain
the glacier around Zermatt
the glacier around Zermatt
a stream leads down the forested mountain to Zermatt
hard to be mad here, it is so beautiful
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it's a sight to behold
a fast moving stream rushes down the mountain slope
a fast moving stream rushes down the mountain slope
many colorful alpine flowers lined the Alps in summer
rugged summer scenery
lots of these mountain streams. Feel free to refill your water bottle

on the trail to Hotel Trift- another hour + away from desolate lodgings

Hotel Trift- 2+ hours steep hike from Zermatt, the quietest place you'll ever stay
the Swiss flag up by Trift where I say my goodbyes to Switzerland
the Swiss flag up by Trift where I say my goodbyes to Switzerland

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