Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Breathtaking Cocora Valley of Colombia + the Quindio Wax Palm

There are certain places in the world so stunning, so beautiful, that audible descriptions are meaningless, and photos don't do them justice. The Cocora Valley in Los Nevados National Natural Park, is one of these places.
Throughout the area you'll find the national tree and symbol of Colombia, the Quindío, which can grows as high as 200 feet, making it the world's tallest palm.
The valleys elevation exceeds 6500 feet (2000 meters), and the green lushness of the Andean Mountains and the tall palms surrounding give the area an almost surreal beauty.
The hike around the valley takes about 6 hours, and it's one of the most breathtaking places on the face of the earth. I couldn't recommend the hike, or the region, more highly.
Now I'll hush, and let the photos (and video) do the talking, though justice will not be served.
my favorite shot taken of the Cocora Valley, and wall-paper on my phone 
always nice when this is the road ahead

a small river
tall wax palms greet us at the start
hard to beat the view
an odd looking tree
Me and Franzi from Germany- my travel compatriot in Salento
after a long climb, near the top of the hill, gazing at a mountain in the distance
magnificent- so lush and green
wow- takes me back there just looking at the photo
the Cocora Valley- go there fellow travelers
there's a reason this is known as a "cloud forest"
even better in person
Hanz and Franz- here to pump YOU up
me finding fellow nature lovers on the trail

a lot of tall palms in the distance
Much taller than they look in the photo
gaining an appreciation for their height
great shot by Franzi
me preparing to cross a fast flowing creek
gorgeous in all directions
nature at her finest
yes :)
hummingbirds alighting on the feeder

                         talk amongst each other 
being friendly :)
Cocora Valley- get it through your head- GO!
atop the hill

heading back to the start
so beautiful
rows of palms

Relax- the world's a great place


Bon voyage Colombia!

The area is one of my favorite places I have ever been, and if I am ever in Colombia again, it's #1 on my destination list. Please watch the below video to gain an even greater appreciation of the area. 
A video of the Cocora Valley- well worth a couple minutes! Enjoy, leave a comment.


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