Saturday, September 12, 2015

Stunning Whistler Valley and Her Gorgeous Scenery

Whistler Valley, British Columbia. I have been many places, and few are as stunningly beautiful. For days I rode my bicycle around the valley, went on hikes (some quite strenuous,) swam across mountain lakes, sat for hours by falls and babbling brooks, and tracked down bears til I finally ran into a two year old cub by Fitzsimmons Creek- I was very excited.  
Lost Lake- not as big as it looks, I swam across
When I am in nature, the silence permeates my soul and mind, so I'm just going to pipe down, and let you look through the photos and videos here.
view from the condo I stayed in

Woodpeckers going at it- surprisingly large birds
surrounding mountains + glaciers

Whistler, Canada highlights. Enjoy. 

a boulder splits the falls

arduous hike to Rainbow Lake finally yields results- about 5 miles uphill

exploring Rainbow Lake late in the evening, sole person there

Harmony Lake- elevation 6,000 feet

lush and green and beautiful

natural bridge over the creek- deep in the woods

color in the forest

High in the mountains on the way to Rainbow Lake

I sat by this stream for hours on multiple occasions

Black bear

 if you go to Whistler, you're going for the nature. Enjoy.

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