Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What's in My Emergency Medical Kit when I Travel?

A friend of mine asked me for some advice, as to what he should bring with him to take care of himself medically during adventurous travel. Here's what I responded.

My medical emergency kit includes the following- a box of condoms, 3 ounces of cologne, 3 ounces of dandruff shampoo, a couple band-aids, and some neo-sporin.
Neo-sporin in case of a cut deep in the jungle, medicated band-aids to cover the wound. 3 ounces of Dandruff shampoo (3 oz. can be brought on plane) which also doubles as soap when needed. The cologne for 2 purposes, one, an emergency disinfectant as cologne is alcohol based, two, an emergency odor diffuser (in the French sense) in case the box of condoms might need be opened. Never travel unprepared. 

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  1. True know all about went to St Lucia was beautiful but after a few of their delicious rum punches I decided to try and climb a mountain that you needed to take a Van to get up needless to say the mountain won and had no first aide only to find out I had infection in foot and after a year and not getting rid of infection and again no neosporin .Turns out had rock from mountain the whole time in my foot and needed to have removed. (True Story) and only me.So yes first aide kit most important and never climb or fight a Mountain. Lol


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