Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Boracay Island, Philippines- the Most beautiful Beach on Earth

The sand on Boracay's main beach is so powder white, cokeheads believing they hit the motherlode have attempted to snort it.
tiny rock formation/ island, literally on Boracay beach
The beach itself is visually STUNNING. It will take your breath away and make you wonder why you live where you live, wherever it is that you do. The water is a crystal light blue color, which just a little bit offshore becomes  a darker, deeper, but still largely translucent blue.  
All the photos I offer you here are looking out towards the ocean. The beach itself is not terribly wide, and only maybe 40 feet away from the water are a plethora of businesses crowded together: hotels, bars, restaurants, etc. It is quite built up, but stunning nonetheless. 
actual water color- amazing!
The island is small, you could easily walk around it in a few hours, but only if you were blind, otherwise you're undoubtedly stopping to gaze around at the beauty surrounding you. 
Aside drink and eat, which tourists are doing a plethora of, the only activity here are watersports, diving and snorkeling being atop the list. 
about to dive into the H20
the underwater world
 The snorkeling here is the best I have ever seen. There is tremendous amount of aquatic life, from a variety of brightly colored tropical fish, crabs, lobsters, and squid, to sea snakes, which are in quite an abundance and highly venomous.
I surface and report the deadly serpents to my boat operators who shrug it off. "How often do people die from a bite?" I inquire.
"Not too often," they nonchalantly reply.
Satisfied, I dive back into the waters.

tropical foliage of Boracay
In the past I would have told you Krabi, Thailand was the most beautiful place on earth. if you're looking purely at the perfection of the beach area, then without a doubt, Boracay surpasses. 


  1. Have visited many beautiful tropical destinations over the years including Thailand, but can't wait to visit the Philippines and Boracay! It seems this destination is becoming more and more popular each year. Thanks for sharing the great photos!

  2. That water color is out of this world Rich.

    1. Yu can see it when you fly over the islands. When you get there, it's even more impressive!


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