Monday, October 13, 2014

The Touristy, Disneyland Side of Gdansk, Poland

volleyball on the beach, Gdansk, Poland
Invited to visit Ola in Gdansk, Poland. Airport pick-up, she takes me to her family's house located twenty minutes from the city center which we quickly set out to explore.
First stop- the beach. It's a warm weekend day in July on the Baltic Sea, and crowds have gathered to enjoy the sun.

Me + Aleksandra (Ola)

The beach in Gdansk

A few volleyball nets, and a couple soccer goals set-up comprise the majority of the public infrastructure, save the pier extending out into the water. I watch a couple teenagers jump into the ocean, and I feel pressure to follow suit. Heck, I want to be cool right?

Jumping off the Gdansk pier

town center- doesn't quite look "real"
Drying in the sun, we head to the city center. Sadly, the entire area was destroyed in World War II. As a measure of pride, and a bid to increase tourism, the city council decided to rebuild, attempting to replicate exactly what existed before. Unfortunately,everything looks too new/ done on the cheap (as you might be able to tell in the below video.) If I were a museum curator, I'd immediately deem it a fake.

The main square of Gdansk Poland

the ubiquitous lion statues throughout Europe
Gdansk cathedral
Ola under the corridor of beautiful trees

photo makes me smile- people having fun
Ola wants to show me the biggest park in Gdansk park on my last day, a staple of her childhood.
It's literally breath of fresh air, always a pleasure to surrounded by green, to watch people enjoying themselves.

Park with hedges for children

Also, if you're by the park, there's a medium sized church nearby. It's not St. Peter's Basilica, but they do have free organ concerts, though you'll have to bypass the collection plate being passed around.

So there you have it: my version of the Gdansk Welcoming Committee, inviting you to visit this city.
Of course, as I'm not employed by the Polish Tourism Board, I do feel it necessary to share with you the darker side of Gdansk too.

Organ concert in church


  1. I do not agree about old town but still liked to read about Gdansk. Nostalgia!

    1. Well, stay tuned :) I'll be writing more about it shortly. Pobably a darker version, and you can weigh in too. Thanks Yvonne. Nice to hear from you and keep blogging, but do it out of love, there's no money in it :)


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