Friday, August 29, 2014

Easiest Way to Get a Visa To Russia in Prague, Czech Republic

As I am often finding myself looking for helpful information on getting visas online, I found the easiest way, and likely the cheapest way to get a visa to Russia in Prague.

I tried in Finland, and wasted GOBS of time. In Prague, it was super easy, and way cheaper. Just go to the below address, or call them. They speak English, they were helpful, you fill out a SHORT form, hand them 3,200 CZK, and bam, you are done. Pick up your passport when they tell you (mine took a week) and that was that. They came through, it was easy, nearly painless, and reliable.

CRC Consulting website -- it might be in Russian, but just call them and they speak English!
HIGHLY recommend! Now, if someone could help me get a Chinese visa here in Mongolia ... :)

CRC Consulting
+420 222 317 644
Office Center Zircon, Sokolov 131/86, 186 00 Prague - Karlin, Czech Republic

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