Friday, January 31, 2014

May Art Gallery- Worth a Look in Sapa, Vietnam

Vu Thang artist in Sapa, Vietnam

Exploring Sapa, I come across May Art Gallery. While I am definitely no art critic, curiousity draws me in and am immediately blown away by the work of the resident artist, Vu Thang, who I am told is quite famous in Vietnam and has had his work exhibited several times in Europe.

Given the fact that Internet is new in this mountain town, and he’s had little exposure to the outside world, I take it that some art critics/ experts, were also drawn to his works.
Vu Thang artist- amazing work

I look at every single painting in the gallery, most of which were created by Vu, though there are some which painted by his friends. I really like them, I leave to get something to eat, but am unable to get the images out of my mind. I walk back in, gazing upon art I wish I had the talent to create.
Vu Thang artist (photo poorly framed by me)

Vu Thang, artist, May Art Gallery in Sapa, Vietnam
I enjoy getting local pieces to decorate my place and supporting the artisans, so eventually, rather than just stare at them, I choose a small piece and purchase it from Vu’s wife who runs the gallery while he creates more work.

May art gallery, by Vu Thang 

Putting my money where my mouth is- here is the painting I purchased

If you’re in Sapa, I highly recommend dropping by. Hopefully you’ll find the art as appealing as I do.
May Art Gallery in Sapa, Vietnam. 

You can contact them at mayartgallery at (I have to space it out so spiders don't pick up and spam them if you have any questions. When they get their website back up and running I will include that as well.)  


  1. Hi,

    We were very glad to find your blog and your post about Sapa and May Art Gallery.

    We write you from Spain. We were in Sapa five years ago. We visited May Gallery but we didn't buy any painting. Now we would like to contact them but the domain doesn't work. We don't have an email or other domain. Could you give us some contact information?



    1. Hi Miguel,
      I do have an email address for them- mayartgallery at (I have to space it out so spiders don't pick up and spam them.

  2. Hi. I have tried to send an email to may art gallery, but it seems like that the mail add. dosen´t work ? Can you tell me another way to contact them ? kind regards Rebecca

    1. Hi Rebecca, did you send them an email to the one I have on the site? I'm not certain how else to get a hold of them, I know that they received some inquiries previously and the artist's wife wrote me to thank me for my write-up. ....


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