Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smille - Laser Teeth Whitening Clinic in Prague Review (Czech Republic)

Many people go to foreign countries for cheaper medical care and cosmetic surgery. The Czech Republic is pretty high in the list I am told.
Near the Smichov Mall in Prague 5, I ran into a business with such an elegant yet simple interior design (a laser teeth whitening clinic,) I decided to stop in and take a gander.
here is quick tour of Smille
The Czech Republic is infamous for poor customer service, where it's normally "buyer beware." This is not the case at Smille, as the owners invited me out for lunch, and described how they could make much more money if they used cheaper gels, but the customers wouldn't be getting as good a result.
"I don't want to come to work, and not give my customers the best that they can get," explains one of the partners, "We offer a money back guarantee if they're not happy with their procedure."
"Really, that flies in the face of other experiences I've had in the Czech Republic," I state, thinking of several times businesses seemed much less forgiving towards their customers.
"It's just good business," she explains, "Happy clients bring me more customers. Plus I feel so good when I go home at night, knowing that people are truly happy after they have had the procedure done."
"That's very noble," I answer nodding my head. She nods back, pleased with the conversation; She's genuinely upbeat, which isn't the most common attitude found in this country.
meet Maria, Smiling Smille receptionist
Though my time here was short, I did witness one girl walking out from her laser teeth whitening procedure, beaming. For however long it lasts, she felt good about herself, more confident. The receptionist is smiling as well as the customer exits.
"It makes you happy?" I ask.
"Yes," she replies, "She got such a nice result. her teeth look much better. It's a nice job."
It's nice to see some businesses in this former Eastern Bloc country that operate on such a premise. I think I'm writing this as gift, not only because they took to lunch in the mall, but in leaving the elegantly designed reception area, I did so with a smile on my face.
If you are in Prague, and looking for a cheaper place than in America or Western Europe, that gives top quality care, to get your teeth whitened, then I highly suggest you visit

Smille- Laser Teeth Whitening and Dental Clinic

(I did not get paid for this, unless you count my meal. This is a very sincere endorsement, and the only one you'll find in the entire 125 + entries in my travel adventure blog. Just something I felt like doing)

Here is their new address and phone #Tel. +420 257 941 296

Štefánikova 203/23
4. patro
150 00 Praha 5


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