Saturday, October 15, 2011

Landmarks of Dubai-- Jumeireh Beach, Burj Al Arab, Burj Tall Khalifa, Ski Dubai,

Dubai Landmarks. IE- If you go, these are probably the best things in Dubai to see!

Jumeireh Beach
The beach is so exclusive and the water so hot, you can pick fully cooked lobsters off the ocean’s surface. It literally felt like I had stepped foot into a hut tub, and had to dive down several feet before getting any relief from the heat.
Jumeireh Beach during Ramadan
It is normally way more crowded, I went during Ramadan.

Burj Al Arab
You'll notice the sailboat shape of the Burj, it is the world's first "7 Star Hotel," or so it is advertised as. 
The rooms run from "as low" as $1,000, to up to $60,000 a night! And people call me crazy!

The Best Way to get into the Burj?

What you think, you, a "commoner" can just walk straight into the Burj. Hahahah! Don't make me laugh. You need a reservation, which will cost you Monneeeyyyyy just to go see it. If you want to eat something, a non-guest breakfast costs about $65 a person, or afternoon tea for $70.

But, if you want to know the cheapest way to get into the Burj Al Arab, make an appointment for a manicure or hair treatment at the Frank Provost beauty salon inside the Burj. A manicure is only about $20.
Once inside you walk around and witness the beautifully designed hotel. 
Burj Al Arab- 7 star hotel

Fountains at the Burj

Burj Al Arab lobby

Bar/ Lounge area inside the Burj
Burj Tall Khalifa- World's Tallest Building

In what is architecture purely for bragging rights and ego, Dubai has constructed the world's tallest building. It's $30 and an advanced reservation if you want to go to the top. Being scared of heights, if I want to ascend to that elevation, I'd rather go a few feet higher and go skydiving!

Sky Dubai
Snowboarding in the desert. Mankind trounces the forces of nature once again, creating a refrigerated ski zone.
Ski Dubai
It is located in Mall of the Emirates, and in a lot of ways, kudos to those who created it, which took guts, no matter whether or not I'd rather be on real slopes.

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