Thursday, June 18, 2009

Surfing Bali- Kuta Beach Wipeout!

Ever surfed before? Want to try? Ever try to actually stand up while riding the wave in? You fell right?

surfing wipe out
You got frustrated, and after only one more fall, you kicked your board, and decided to head for shore before the shark, which you could have sworn you saw circling you, decided it was lunch time.
Look, just because you aren’t a natural athlete (cough cough- like me) is no reason to give up. When did giving up get you anywhere? Did it ever benefit you? Come on! Let me give you a little inspiration!

Ride that wave Rich! OOOHHH
I’m going to share with you a simple, but utterly profound wisdom, that is not only applicable to surfing but, when ever you are proverbially trying to stand-up in your life. The simple key to standing-up is …. “Don’t fall down.”

surfing is cool

I actually really enjoyed surfing. Next year- Pipeline.

Funny web sitcom

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