Monday, June 1, 2009

Do You Have the Prowess to Visit Egypt?-- The $25,000 Pyramid

Congratulations on being a contestant on the first ever, $25,000 Pyramid Game Show! You are first contestant, all you have to do is answer as many of these questions correctly as possible. Get all 7 correct and we here Rich Industries will mail you a check for $25,000 US Dollars. That's right, no strings ** and you'll have a cool $25,000 check in your pocket! So go ahead, take the quiz ...

How Much Do You REALLY Know.

1) You are on Harem Street at 7 PM on Saturday night. You are meeting your friend Ahmed Ahmed five blocks away at exactly 10 PM. At what time should you leave?
a) ha!
b) Oh you were serious
c) sometime around the turn of the century
d) when they began building the pyramids

2) Mahmoud the cabbie's client is in a hurry. The traffic light turns yellow. Mahmoud should …
a) a what?!
b) in Egypt??
c) surely you’re making this up.
d) yeah, and the Loch Ness Monster’s real too

3) Walking on the street you accidentally bump into this woman wearing a burka.
You should
a) assume it’s Halloween and compliment her on her great costume
b) offer to purchase some honey from her colony of bees
c) unsheathe your light saber and prepare to battle Darth Vader
d) prepare your last will and testament because her husband is going to kill you

4) You have brought a white Billabong hat for your four day excursion in Cairo to protect you from the desert sun. At the end of four days you should expect your hat to be …
a) slightly off white due to the dirt and pollution
b) quite dirty and dark
c) pitch black
d) disintegrated

5) Three Egyptians cabbies come to a three way intersection at exactly the same time. Due to a car parked illegally in the middle of the road, only one car at a time can squeeze through, but each driver feels he has the right of way. Which of the following will defuse the situation?
a) I’m sure Egyptians are rational people, and someone will back down on their own and let the others go first
b) a simple polite conversation why it would be in everyone’s best interest if someone backed down
c) a gun
d) the threat of nuclear attack
e) I would expect the deranged drivers to plow into each other at 1 mile per hour until the poorly made cars crumple into a metallic mess, while a mushroom cloud forms in the background

6) Technology in Egypt is
a) not quite up to the par with the US
b) not up to par with Afghnaistan
c) not up to par with the Middle Ages
d) The Internet was faster in the time of the Pharaohs

7) The Pyramids of Giza are
a) cool
b) so cool
c) awesome
d) a spiritually moving experience

We will be discussing the correct answers in next couple days as I give you a more detailed report on Egypt.

To those of you who believe you have correctly answered these questions, feel free to email me to collect your $25,000 check!
** (check will post dated Nov 25, 4029)

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