Friday, January 9, 2009

Prostitutes, and Tranny's in Pattaya, Thailand


The first place I headed after the two hour road trip from Bangkok was the beach. I'm not sure if it was the narrow brown beach littered with European whales, or the choppy, mixed color water, but Pattaya beaches rank low compared to the rest of Thailand.
In the evening, everywhere you go there’s a bar, full of ladies, and um, ladyboys (transsexuals)
Thailand has the greatest number of trannys in the world? Why? People are poor (although not like in India) and money hard to come by.
If you’re a young woman (or girl in some sad cases) you can chose to make $200 a month working ten hours a day as a maid or toll collector, or you can make that much in a day (if lucky) selling your body. Uptight “moralists” in the West may scoff at this so called “choice” but when you’re living in a shack, and have no food on the table, I wonder how many of them wouldn't do the same.
Thai Tranny
Well, the allure of “easy” money is so great to some, that boys, lacking the earning power of their female counterparts (how many ladies out there pay for sex? Generally all it takes to turn men on is to utter the word, “hello.”) save up thousands of US dollars to have a sex change performed so they can join the girls in the upper echelon of Thai earners, and appeal to the variety of fetishes of the 'farang.' (farang meaning "foreigner") It is what is, it’s just a different reality than wealthier countries.

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  1. Could you please tell me the name of the place where you bungee jumped?


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