Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Acropolis + Remnants of Ancient Greece

Use your imagination, Ancient Greece, founders of democracy and principles the world still cherishes today (well, some of it.) They sit on these very stones, expounding and theorizing; Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Zeus, and Apollo!
Remnants of this civilization remain, and you can visit the ancient stone structures, high up on the hill overlooking the rest of Athens. Down below you'll find the Acropolis Museum, and artifacts remaining millennia past.
the Acropolis of Athens, Greece
pillars removed from the Parthenon (Temple of Athena-) warrior women meant to protect 
you are only allowed to take photos in certain areas of the museum

video: the Acropolis
more Greek antiquities
a handshake agreement- Do NOT try in Hollywood

ancient amphi-theater of the Acropolis
the acropolis viewed from below
olive trees- Greece's symbol around the Acropolis
what remains of the Parthenon- Temple to Athena. Note female warrior proetctor on left side

The Acropolis and her sister museum were undoubtably the best part of being in Athens. If you must go to city, head over there for a few hours and then Split- maybe to like Croatia. Hah.
the sun sets over the Aegean Sea and Athens, Greece
the sun sets over the Aegean Sea and Athens, Greece


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  2. Good Post. Thanks for sharing the details of remnants of ancient Acropolis Greece. Would surely refer to it on my next trip to Greece.


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