Monday, June 8, 2009

Pics Of Cute Animals in Bali!!

The plane trip to Bali from Egypt took over twenty hours. On a plane trip so long, it’s impossible to have any idea what the local time will be at your destination when you land. Sure, if you take a plane from LA to New York, you know you're going to land three hours in the future, and when you land in Korea, you know the exact local time will be “tomorrow,” but in the case of Australians travelling from Sydney to Cairo, which is an even longer trip “against the clock,” it’s not uncommon for planes to land in the 8th Century BC, which actually explains some Egyptian hieroglyphics that have translated as “G’d day mate,” which was considered odd by scholars the world over until now, seeing as Australia had not yet been invented.
Finally having arrived, and noting that the year was only 1950, I breathed a sigh of relief.
Seriously, it must be 1950, I mean the Balinese people are sooooo nice. The ride to my hotel was actually quite expensive by Balinese standards … $9 (in Russia it would have been like $2,800)
My hotel was advertised as a 5 star hotel for $100 a night. What a lie. It’s more like a 7 star hotel. Unbelievably beautiful, with the friendliest most courteous staff in history, an absolutely AMAZING breakfast buffet included in the price, gorgeous grounds and gardens, a great gym, should I go on? If you go to Bali, it is called the Melia Bali in Nasua Dua.
I have to tell you, the Balinese people are the sweetest people I have met, rivaling those on the outer islands of Fiji. There is a general simplicity and natural happiness to most Balinese, despite the fact that they live in poverty. What’s funny is that Bali, because of tourism, is the richest island in Indonesia. The average hotel worker makes a $100 a month. A better job is taxi driver, though there is a lot of competition for clients. I hired a guy to drive me around all day from morning to midnight for $40. All over the island, two hours away, back, and fro. What would that cost in America? Or worse, Russia. Cabbies have the added bonus of making commissions by bringing clients to restaurants, art shops, etc etc.
With that said, one of my first stops was the Bali Zoo, one of the best zoos I have been to cause it is so hands on, literally. Here are the pics.

Indonesian Bear Cat

python around my neck

So they brought out the young crocodile, and a man is carrying it towards the showing area, and another zoo employee, is walking towards him, looking back at us. What happens? He bumps into the guy, as the carrier falls, he releases the croc, who flies up intio the air waving it's little legs like "Heellllppp!"and lands in the water, where it lays at the top for a second, like "this is better, and then dissappears underneath. Meanwhile the zookeper falls down by the waters edge, and is glaring the stare of death at the other guy. If he wasn't so obviously angry, I assumed that it was one of the funniest set-ups I've ever seen.
The pic above are the zoo employees trying to get the croc out of the water.

want nothing to do with you when you get bigger

the wise owl

full grown orangutan
This fella was strutting his stuff. It was the first time I ever saw an adult orangutan, and it was pretty impressive. So the ape flexes, and I start applauding it, clapping. The orangutan looks at me, and you know what he does, he SPITS at me. Accross the moat, like he was the world olympic champion in spitting, and CONNECTS. I was very impressed.

bat man!

Mr. Lion

yum, I can;t wait til I;m old enough to eat people


More pics later !

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