Monday, September 12, 2016

Let Mozart Infuse you With Talent - Salzburg, Austria

Mozart's statue in Salzburg
Salzburg's goldenboy- Mozart
Music lovers rejoice, today we visit Mozart's hometown of Salzburg, Austria, which has many diverse tourist attractions such as Mozart's statue, Mozart's birthplace, the museum of, you guessed it, Mozart. 
youthful Mozarts prepared to give a concert

It's a cute town, but honestly, if you aren't planning to go for a hike (photos below) or staying to study music here in hopes that Mozart's ghost will possess your body and infuse you with talent, you can easily leave here after an afternoon.
a very cool statue in Salzburg's center

Video: the Mozart statue and the center square of Salzburg

close to the center, bridge across the river

Video: a tour around the center of Salzburg, Austria

residence of a former Pope ... Pope Mozart?

as you leave the city, first you'll pass pasture land

But if you do end up staying, like I did, then I advise you to go out into the countryside surrounding and into the mountains. Below you'll find photos and views from the countryside. 

Lake Salzburg from high above
the forest near Salzburg
Salzburg as viewed from above. It's not a big place
Austrian countryside

Video: a view from the mountain top around the Austrian countryside


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