Thursday, November 24, 2011

Laotian Sun Bear Rescue Center- Kuang Si Falls (Luang Prabang, Laos)

Surrounding Kuang Si WaterFall in Laos is absolutely stunning emerald rain forest, and two of the jungle's native inhabitants are the Malaysian Sun Bear, and Asiatic Black Bear. Their sacred duty is helping spread the seeds of trees from digested fruit far and wide, helping keep the forest, alive, healthy, and strong.
Asian Sun Bear- long tongue

Sadly, idiots in China use bile from bears' liver for medicinal purposes, which creates demand for these poor creatures to be shot.
The Free The Bears rescue center is located by the falls in the protected forest, and has saved cubs from the wild, who otherwise would have little or no chance of survival, after their mothers had been poached. The small bears are then raised in captivity, underneath the forest canopy.

Let me make something clear China. Bear bile does nothing! It is a rumor that it has any medicinal value, and if you want, there are cheaper, and reproduce-able medicines that perform the same tasks bear bile proponents claim it has. STOP using bear bile dammit! Wise up!

Here is a quick video of the bears playing together. They have serious balance. feel free to make a donation to the rescue center, whose website I believe is here. I know I did when I visited.
Free The Bears

Keep biodiversity and the forests alive! PEACE- And enjoy Kuang Si Falls!!

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  1. Comment received to me: I liked the bear rescue blog ... they are a favourite of mine ....
    If you noticed the giant hammocks that they lay around in .... my school raised some $$$$ for a couple of those ...

    but ... you mentioned "sacred "duty of the bears to scatter seed round the forest .... nice sentiment.... but ... your typo reads ... Scared duty . I guess that would make them scared shitless!!! they probably were .. before they were rescued ... but these days they are just happy and beautifully cared for."

    My reply: I am correcting it now!
    Your school raised $$ for the hammocks for the bears! That is awesome, nice to know that through your hard work and diligence you can help enable the already laziness and the questionable work ethic of the bears!


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