Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Could Beat Up Vanessa Rousso (@VIP Poker Room in Montreal)

Montreal, Canada

Watching poker phenom Vanessa Rousso at the VIP Poker Room in Montreal, one of the world’s most famous female poker player, playing a low limit game, everyone having an amiable time. 
“Excuse me,” comes a voice from the rails, “is anyone here interested in playing a $10,000 sit and go?”
Anyone here? Really … anyone at the low limit table, ready to pony up ten grand. He could be speaking to but one person at the table, Vanessa.
It reminds of the local tough guy trying to pick a fight with Chuck Liddell, trying to prove himself. Stupidity of the ego. He might as well have said, “Hey Vanessa, I think I can beat you up.”

poker stars and Go Daddy girl, Vanessa Rousso

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