Monday, March 18, 2013

Harrods, London- The World's Most Luxurious Store

Harrods, the most luxurious store in the world with prices which more than compensate. From top name brand clothing, to hand made beds, to a diamond encrusted iPhone case costing $285,000 (no joke) anything you could possibly desire, is for sale here, but certainly not on sale.
a selection of fur coats, naturally, are available- don't tell PETA

fine crystal
The merchandise is in many cases, truly a work of art. Being in Harrod’s is like being in a museum, only if you have boatloads of money you can go home with the exhibit of your choice.
Harrods sells cool art as well
Speaking of the diamond encrusted iPhone case, I asked the salesman who showed it to me, “Oh my God, could you imagine losing it?”
He shrugs his shoulders, “Whoever bought it, probably wouldn’t care.”
The same clerk shows me an Apple iBook, a $2,000 computer, pauses, laughs and tells me a customer of his customer last week, when looking at the same piece of machinery, stated, "I like it ... I'll buy 500 of them," whips out his AMEX Black Card, and just like that, a million dollar sale takes place.
That’s right, to properly shop at Harrods you need more money than you can possibly spend in a lifetime or keep track of (whichever comes first.) Whether or not that is you, it is certainly worth a trip here, to Harrods Department Store/ Museum, in London.

video: a quick tour of housewares in Harrods

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