Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Small Famous Town of Kutna Hora (Czech Republic)

Situated 80km outside of Prague, the town of Kutna Hora is renowned for its bone church, a small cathedral containing the remains of 60,000 souls, most of which who had fallen victim to black plague in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Kutna Hora
Coming here you’ll believe your vehicle was equipped for time travel. The buildings are ancient, and its citizens move slowly, in no apparent hurry. Today the streets are largely empty as the wind howls voraciously, it's unseasonably cold on this early spring day, the temperatures hovering precariously just above zero.
Looking from atop a monument, at the modest dwellings below, chickens can be seen walking around the back yards, providing eggs and fresh organic meat for the locals. In the city’s center are a few bars and restaurants, a profit center for the locals, frequented by the many visiting tourists. Our meals are simple, yet absolutely delectable, perhaps the best food I have eaten the entire time I have been in Europe, the freshness of the ingredients evident in the taste. I sit there and ponder how much nutrition and taste I miss out on living in the big city.
the town of Kutna Hora- picture not doing it justice
Surrounding the central village are magnificent creations, pieces of architecture from long ago times towering over us. I sit there, mouth agape, wondering how such beauty was created so many years ago, and despite our technological advances, we’re incapable as a society to create such wondrous edifices. Perhaps there is a downside to “efficiency.”
towering church wall

The wind howls, yelling for us to take refuge. We’d have loved to walk around longer, but Mother Nature is not being cooperative. We get into our car and drive back to Prague, my head over my shoulder, looking back, taking in a glimpse of the beautiful scenery one more time.
monument, man's head carved into stone- picture taken from long distance


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    1. Jsou krásně zobrazené památky, včetně zobrazení básnila Vrchlického nad řekou Vrch licí,. Kutná hora bohatá při těžbě stříbra, bohatá na celou řadu architektonických památek, ale také díly, která vznikla od básníků., autorů divadelních her (Josef Kajetán Tyl).Chrám sv. Barbory byl vybudován jako soupeření s Prahou, ale je mnohem více dokladů, svědčících o úsilí lidí po celou historii města..
      Děkuji autorovi této publikace, je to pro mne vwelký dar DĚKUJUI jarmila42

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