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Tips On Getting Around Prague

Tips On Getting Around Prague
Okay, if you are new to Prague, or just here for a few days, here are some travel tips from an insider on getting around Prague.
Tourist: Where is the best place to stay in Prague?
Answer: Around the center, in Prague 1. If you are using you can choose to eliminate all other areas, but if you stay Prague 2, 5, or 7, you won’t be too far away. Personally, my favorite hotel, especially for the money, was EuroStars Thalia on Narodni, close to the National Theater.
(Update: Eurostars has gotten much more expensive of late. Not the value it once was)
Tourist: can you recommend a great place to eat in Prague?
Answer: CafĂ© Louvre on Narodni near the National Theater has very good food at very reasonable prices. Also, there is a place called “Touch” which serves excellent healthy food. It is on Jakubska I believe, close to the old Town Square, but isn’t the easiest to find.
A tasty, and cheap Indian place is Tikka Tikka on Konvistka in the center.
My #1 recommendation If you want a really great atmosphere, an  utterly romantic restaurant with a cave theme, that is reasonably priced, but expensive by Czech standards, then I recommend Triton in Wencelas Square.
Tourist: What should I see in Prague?
a)      The Charles Bridge at night- seeing the castle lit up one side, the national Theater on the other, standing over the water, is the most beautiful site I have ever seen in a city. It is a great and popular kissing destination, and it’s easy to understand why.
b)      Prague Castle. Touristy, but still cool.
c)       Monument to Communism- on the base of the hill, opposite the castle side of the river, is perhaps the most beautiful piece of art I have ever seen, in terms of the fact that it says SO much with so little. Magnificent.
d)      Old Town Square and the astrological clock
e)      UFlecka Brewery—also in Prague 1, center. The oldest brewery in Czech. Fun, lively, if you like beer it is, and Czechs KNOW their beer, excellent.
Tourist: What scams should I watch out for?
Be careful when you change money. A lot of places advertise VIP rates when you exchange like $1,200 at a time, but when you slide like $300 over, as it is not “VIP” you can see a whopping 40% of your money disappear. Like if the real rate is 18, they’ll give you 12. It happens, believe me.
Prague by the Vlatava river
The best and most fair exchanges are run by Arabs, outside of the main tourist zones. There are some close to the train station that give very competitive rates. 

Actually, if you want to know the Money Cons and Romance Scams of Prague in greater detail, visit this link.  

Great Day Trips

1) Czech Paradise - a two hour or so drive to this wooded area with the iconic cliff formations.

2) The Bone Church of Kutna Hora - about 90km outside Prague, a charming small town with a church built in the Middle Ages with the bones of those who fell victim to the plague

What Is Cheaper in Prague

1) Well, your restaurant bill for one will be substantially cheaper than in Western Europe. 
Also, things like dental procedures are way cheaper. 

2) An excellent place to have laser teeth whitening/ maintenance work done is 

Smille- Laser teeth Whitening Clinic

which has a location in Prague close to the major shopping center of Smichov, in Prague 5
Okay, I sincerely hope this helps makes your stay in Prague a little bit better!

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