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SEX AND DRUGS- In Amsterdan

architecture typical of Amsterdan

SEX AND DRUGS- In Amsterdan

When we last left our hero, the prosecuting attorner (PA) was cross examining him about drugs.

PA: “You think you sound good Mr. Birecki, claiming the Dutch are down to earth. That they are environmental stewards, and that they are ohhhh so advanced … but what about the drugs Mr. Birecki? Hmmmm … did you inhale?”
RB: “Yes, let’s DO talk about drugs, America, and the current state of the world affairs. First of all, marijuana and hasish is openly sold in Coffee Shops in the Netherlands. While it is not technically legal, it is what the Dutch call, “backdoor legal,” as sellers and growers pay taxes to the government that in the US go straight into the pockets of criminals.”
PA: “All coffee shops sell pot?”
Smokey's coffee shop in Rembrandt Square
RB: “There is a distinction in Holland between cafes and coffee shops. Cafes are places that sell coffee, pastries, sandwiches, etc etc. Coffee shops sell all this stuff, but also marijuana. I'll give you one guess were a majority of their profits come from.”
PA: “So did you inhale?”

the pot counter in Amsterdan coffee shop
Silence from the witness.

PA: “Mr. Birecki, may I remind you are under oath. Just because you believe this might cost you the Presidency one day, does not give you permission to dodge the question.”
RB starts to laugh.
RB: “Look, I really don’t understand why everybody considers it a big deal. Yeah, I have tried pot a couple times in my life, just a couple puffs in college, and when I first moved out to LA, and once with my ex who insisted that this would be the puff where I would actually feel the “glowing effects marijuana offers.” Frankly, it does nothing for me. I was in Amsterdan, I actually smoked an entire joint thinking that might change. All it did was make me just slightly spacey. I have NO CLUE why anyone would actually pay good money for it. To me it’s ridiculous.”
PA: “You’re just covering your tracks here to appeal to more conservative voters.”
RB: “Not at all! Let me appeal to the libertarians for a moment. What do I care what someone does in their private life. If someone wants to douse their brain in chemicals, that’s your right. As long as it doesn’t have a negative effect on other people, it’s no business of mine. I say legalize it all. Pot, heroin, cocaine—
PA: “How can you say that?? What about all the innocent children who would be adversely affected by their parents drug use? The lack of productivity at work because of increased usage?”
RB: “What about everyone who is already suffering from this? Look, the basis for legalization is very very simple. Assuming we legalize, the number of new users generated who currently shy away from narcotics because of prohibition, and I’m sure there would be some but not nearly as many as some people believe; whatever new suffering is created would be minuscule compared to the amount of energy and resources society expends on locking away users and dealers. And worse yet, prison essentially serves as Criminal University. Rather than being rehabilitative, they usually harden small time crooks and dealers into career felons, creating more misery for everyone. Now let’s talk about resources. The DEA has a budget of 20 billion dollars per year, and God only knows how much taxpayer money goes in the form of scholarships to Criminal U, to "re-educate" people who are usually merely seeking some sort of escape, or on the flip side, a way to augment their income by meeting the market demand.”
PA: “Most users don’t get thrown into jail for using, it’s because they committed some crime to get drugs.”
hope they aren't over-promising and under delivering. Such typical Aussies :)
RB: “And that is my point, if it were legal they likely wouldn’t have to, and the dope they would get would be pure, not tainted with cheap rat poison in the case of cocaine, or lead which raises the weight of marijuana. Not to mention, instead of the fifty + billion society SPENDS on this problem, the government could actually EARN money by taxing it. You want the funds to pay for Universal healthcare; legalize drugs.”
PA: “It’s not that simple.”
RB: “Says who? Look what is happening South of the border. Criminals are now running Mexico. Why? The market demands narcotics, and because it is illegal, people like me aren’t going to be selling it, but these people will. Mexico is actively being destroyed by increasingly well financed, well armed, and terrorist like cartels. Thousands of people have died, many more have gone missing, and the entire border region lives in a state of fear as to who is next. Meanwhile the price of drugs on the street is at an all time low. Not because demand is down, but because there is a glut of narcotics on the market, meaning our “drug enforcement” and all the funds we spend on it are extremely ineffective. We tried prohibition with alcohol and that essentially created the American Mafia. My entire life all drugs except tobacco and alcohol have been illegal, so people assume that’s just the way it is. Why? Prohibition of what the public wants simply is proven not to work.”
PA: “And what about the moral issues of drug use? Hmmm … We are giving people permission to kill themselves?”
RB: “Look, I don’t want people to do drugs, I don’t want anyone to kill themselves, but unless something affects others adversely, like drunk driving for which there should be SEVERE consequences, it’s not my right to tell people what they can and can’t do. Do you realize there used to anti-gay statutes on the books in the South where they could lock you away for sodomy? I mean, what do I care if someone putts from the rough. Frankly, this legalization for me is much more a pragmatic, economic issue than a moral one. And let me tell you, if any of you can counter my arguments here, I am all ears. I want to hear it! I dare you … I double dare you …

Rich gazes around the throngs of now quiet watchers.
RB: “That’s what I thought.”
Judge: “We are here to discuss the Netherlands. If I have to remind you again, you’ll be a guest of the county jail for the next thirty days Mr. Birecki, or is that also a waste of funds and resources?”
RB: “Your honor, the fact that Holland is on its way to legalization is merely another example of why I believe Holland to be the Most Advanced Country In The World. They are more pragmatic. Additionally, prostitution is completely legal. Another victimless crime that right wing Christians in the United States decry. You want to lock up some poor girl who feels she has no other option than to sell her body? Why, who’s getting hurt?”
PA: “So how was the red-light district?”
Red light above the door means open for "business"
RB: “Interesting. These girls, usually Eastern European I am told, rent out booths, and each booth has a little red light over it when a girl is available. Hundreds of booths with glass windows, and women hawking their own personal wares, rapping on the glass to get your attention as you walk by. If you want transsexuals, I am told the light is purple, but I didn’t see any of those. It’s right out in the open. The first time I saw it took some getting adjusted to. You walk by, girls in skimpy clothes inviting you in, and this wasn’t, technically, the red light district. I poked my head in. ‘Is this the red light district,’ I asked. ‘No,’ replied the girl in a Russian accent. ‘Is this the same thing as the Red Light District?’ ‘Would you like to find out?’ she answered, dropping her shoulder suggestively. I actually went out to the Red Light District that same evening. I found it fascinating.”
PA: “So did you partake in the pleasantries?”
RB: “This one girl, very hot, stage name Elena raps on her window. I go over. I’m curious, I’m talking to her for a few minutes. Her false fa├žade of invitation wore off very quickly. I could feel so much anger and hurt inside her. I said goodbye, turned to leave, and she blisteringly, without elevating her voice, which made it more scary to me, tells me I wasted her time and that I’m obviously impotent.”
PA: “What did you say?”
RB: “Well first of all she’s Russian, so it’s not completely out of character.”
PA: “More bagging on Russia.”
RB: “You obviously haven’t been there … How could an insult like that trigger anything in me. It’s so ridiculous and out of context. An insult can only can only affect you if somewhere inside yourself you believe that it’s true. I am positive she expected and wanted me to react, this was her pain-body (Eckhart Tolle- Power Of Now) seeking some sort of fuel. I turned around, and very calmly and loving asked her why she felt that. She only got more hostile. And again, with warmth and love, recognizing how she was feeling had zero to do with me, I sincerely wished her good luck. She didn’t know how to take it, because a part of her realized I was completely open and loving, so her ego and pain-body stalled for a moment, before she replied with great venom, “I don’t need luck!” That was the end of my red light experience.”
PA: “Aren’t many of these girls with the so called freedom to choose owned by the Russian Mafia with no choice but to be there selling themselves.”
RB: “I have heard that, yeah, some of them I am sure.”
PA: “And yet, you are in favor of this? Keeping the Red Light District open?”
RB: “It’s going to happen anyways, better to be open about it, and the Dutch are. They aren’t hiding behind some idiotic moral pretense to try to keep people doing what people are going to do anyways. Nope, they make money off it. Freedom to choose man.”

The Prosecutor circles RB like a shark. He can’t find any blood in the water.

PA: “So you talked a lot about Amsterdan here, but much as you cannot judge the United states based on Las Vegas, there must be a lot more to the country?”
RB: “I gotta tell you, I liked the countryside, much more than Amsterdan.”

Tomorrow: Did Rich really go cow tipping? And what happened when he managed to shut down an entire dairy farm because of a pinpoint throw of a baseball that even surprised him? (but at least he won a bet)

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